Top 10 Tumble Dryer Cleaning Tips

We all know how handy a tumble dryer can be when it comes to washing day, but did you know there are numerous tips that you can use to get even more out it?

Tumble Dryer Cleaning Tips

1. Untangle Your Clothes

When you start loading your clothes into the tumble dryer, make sure they are untangled and separated. This will allow your clothes to dry quicker and will prevent them from being creased like they would if they were tangled up when putting in.

2. Wring Out Excess Water as Much as Possible

Another important tip is to make sure your clothes are not too wet when you put them in the dryer. All clothes will be wet of course but you need to wring out any excess. Clothes that are too wet are heavy and will make your dryer have to work extra hard and use more energy. There is also the danger of damaging the drum.

3. Do Not Fill Up Your Dryer

You might think that if there is space to put more clothes into your dryer, it must mean it can take it. However, filling up your dryer can damage the drum and will not dry your clothes as efficiently. Dryers work best when there is space to allow the hot air to move around.

4. Always Read the Labels

If you want to avoid shrinking your favourite clothes, always read the washing and drying labels on them before putting them in your dryer. Some will have specific instructions and could become damaged or deformed by the time the drying cycle has finished.

5. Maintain Your Dryer Regularly

If you want your tumble dryer to enjoy a long life, you should be keeping it well maintained. Once a month you should be checking it over to ensure that the sensors inside the drum are clean and that there is not any buildup of dust on the plugs.

6. Clean it Regularly Too

As you might expect, the more you use the dryer, the more lint it will pick up along the way. If the lint filter on your dryer gets too full it can overheat, so it is important to hoover this regularly. An all-over spring clean of your dryer doesn’t hurt either.

7. Sperate Small and Large Items

Many of you will know what it is like when you can only find one sock in your load before later finding the other one inside a pillow cover or bed sheet. To prevent this from happening, only dry clothes of the same size.

8. Quick Freshen Up

If you are planning on wearing something that has been sat in your drawers for some time, a great tip to freshen them up would be to throw them in the dryer. Add in a scented dryer sheet and when they come out, they will fresh, smell great and will require minimal ironing if any at all.

9. Install Your Dryer in the Right Location

A tumble dryer works best in a well-ventilated room and it will use lower energy if that room is warm. If you were to store the dryer in a cold room with little ventilation, it will have to work much harder to get up to the required heat.

10. Use the Anti-Crease Setting

If you are fortunate enough to have an anti-crease setting, make sure you use it. These features are excellent as they will relax the fibres in your clothing so that they require barely any ironing if any at all.