New home appliances at amazingly low prices

At Just Fixed, we specialize in offering high-quality home appliances at amazingly low prices, backed by top-notch installation and repair services.

In a competitive market where consumers are constantly seeking both affordability and reliability, we have developed a unique approach that sets us apart from the competitors.

At Just Fixed, we’ve established strong relationships with appliance manufacturers, allowing us to secure exclusive deals and pass the savings on to you. This means you can acquire top-notch appliances at prices that are hard to beat anywhere else.

Reasons to buy home appliances from Just Fixed

best price 1. Unbeatable Prices: Our commitment to providing the most cost-effective solutions allows your customers to access premium home appliances without breaking the bank.

home appliances 2. Wide Range of Products: Whether it’s cooking appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, or any other home appliance, we offer a diverse range of top-tier products. Your customers will have the convenience of finding everything they need under one roof.

trusted brands 3. Trusted Brands: We only source appliances from reputable brands, ensuring that you receive products that meet or exceed industry standards. You can rely on the quality and durability of every appliance you purchase from us.

flexible delivery 4. Flexible Delivery Options: We understand that timing is crucial in the construction industry. That’s why we offer flexible delivery options to ensure that you receive your appliances when and where you need them.

cost savings 5. Extraordinary Cost Savings: When you choose Just Fixed, you’re not just buying appliances; you’re making a savvy investment. Our low prices mean significant savings, helping you free up your budget for other important expenses.

installation 6. Professional Installation: We go the extra mile to ensure that the appliances we sell are installed correctly and safely in our customers’ homes. Our certified engineers are experts in their field, assuring your customers of a seamless experience from purchase to installation.

reliable repairs7. Reliable Repairs: Accidents happen, and appliances occasionally need repairs. Our technicians are always at the ready to provide prompt and dependable repair services, keeping your customers’ appliances in optimal condition.

We take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality home appliances at unbeatable prices, ensuring that you can deliver outstanding results while staying within your budget.

Bulk pricing benefits

We understand that many of our customers are looking to purchase multiple appliances at once. To make this more cost-effective, we offer competitive bulk pricing. Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or outfitting a rental property, our bulk pricing options are designed to save you money while keeping your space stylish and functional.

This pricing strategy is particularly beneficial for both customers and businesses for several reasons:

Cost Savings: When you buy in larger quantities, you pay a lower per-unit price. This means that the more you buy, the less each individual item costs.

Reduced Shipping and Handling Costs: Buying in bulk can lead to reduced shipping and handling costs per unit. Instead of shipping individual items separately, larger quantities can be shipped together, which reduces the cost of transportation.

Stock Availability: With bulk pricing, you’re less likely to run out of a product when you need it. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on a consistent supply of goods to keep their operations running smoothly.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Buying in bulk can also be more environmentally friendly. It can reduce the amount of packaging waste and transportation emissions associated with frequent smaller purchases.

The benefits of buying new home appliances

When it comes to home appliances, the decision between buying new or used can be a significant one.

While used home appliances might appear cost-effective at first glance, investing in new appliances offers numerous benefits that outweigh the initial cost. The warranty, energy efficiency, modern features, improved performance, aesthetic appeal, safety, and customisation options all make new appliances a smart choice for any homeowner.

Personalised customer service

When you choose Just Fixed, you’re not just getting great prices; you’re also getting exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the purchasing process, ensuring that you make the right choices for your home or business.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, from answering questions about our products to providing advice on the right appliances for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimise your operations and achieve your goals.