Tumble Dryer Features And Technology Explained

Modern Tumble Dryer Features

In the last decade, tumble dryer technology has advanced at rapid rates. Make sure you get the tumble dryer that suits your needs by looking out for these key features that can make your life and your drying much easier.

13 Key Tumble Dryer Design Features

1. Internal light

Some tumble dryers come with an inner light that switches on when you open the door. This light can help you with unloading the machine, making sure you haven’t missed a stray sock.

2. Door options

Another useful feature that some manufacturers offer is the ability to put the door on either side so that it can open from the left or right. This can help with the placement of the tumble dryer in your home.

3. Anti-crease

If you cannot unload the tumble dryer as soon as it finishes, then clothes can become creased. An anti-crease feature means that the drum will occasionally rotate to reduce the risk of creases until you can open the door to retrieve your garments.

4. Cool setting

A cool setting is an excellent feature for clothes that don’t need drying but could do with freshening up, especially if they have been in storage for a long time.

5. Self-cleaning

Some condenser tumble dryers offer a self-clean feature which helps to keep the drum clean so that your laundry remans lint-free.

6. Energy efficient

Tumble dryers with heat pump technology work to retain heat in the appliance so that it uses less energy. Typically, this feature makes the tumble dryer more expensive to buy but is likely to save you money in the long run as they are cheaper to run.

7. Selective timing

With an electronic control, you can set the length of time for drying and ensure each garment gets the correct care. Some tumble dryers offer a delicates setting or perhaps have shorter drying functions if speed is required.

8. Status updates

From LED lights to buzzers, many tumble dryers have a sensor which informs you when your clothes are dry. This can help to reduce the risk of creasing and prevents clothes being left in the dryer and forgotten about.

9. Time delay

Another handy feature is time delay, which allows you to start the drying at a convenient time. You may want to wait until an hour or two before you arrive home so that your clothes are freshly dry when you come back.

10. Child lock

To stop curious little ones looking in the appliance, or altering the settings, many come with a child lock for safety.

11. Warnings

It is easy to forget about draining a condenser dryer or forgetting to clear the lint from the filter. Warning signals will detect such issues and flag them up so that your tumble dryer can continue to operate at maximum efficiency.

12. Quiet function

Some high-tech devices have an anti-vibration mode which can help to reduce the noise of a tumble dryer so you can use it at any time of day or night.

13. Fabric protection

Keep your clothes looking as good as new for longer with fabric protection technology which comes from an innovative drum structure.