How To Clean Your Kitchen Cooker Hood

Cleaning your cooker hood is going to be an annual chore I’ am afraid and while it might look like a quick and easy task you’ll soon find it to be much more difficult. So, how do you make this difficult job easier to do?

Well let’s find out, shall we? Below I’ve listed some advice and guidance to help tackle this tricky job from degreasing the extractor fan to getting that cooker hood clean again. With our help, this difficult job will be much easier.

The Cooker Hood

Let’s start with the main area of your cooker, shall we? The cooker hood is going to be one of the messiest areas of your cooker and you might be surprised by just how quickly grease and fat can build up. And if you don’t use the right materials then it might seem like all you’re doing is moving the mess around the hood.

So, how do you clean a cooker hood? Well, first of all, make sure the cooker is turned off, then remove the filter and any other removal parts to make sure you are doing this safely refer to your cooker’s instructions manual. Once you’ve got everything removed we can start the cleaning process.

The Cooker Hood Filters

Depending on what type of cooker hood filter you have this can be relatively simple or a bit more time-consuming. Some cookers will have flat extractors that come with a paper filter this can be easily removed and replaced with a new filter, these are usually available in your general supermarket but can be bought online as well.

Carbon filters will also need to be replaced, how the more traditional “chimney” style extractors will need to be cleaned. These extractors are made from metal and are in a mesh-like pattern and they can easily get blocked by a build-up of grease and debris.

Cleaning the filter is relatively simple once you’ve removed it fill a basin with hot soapy water and then leave it to soak. If it’s particularly greasy then add a cup of vinegar to the water to help cut through the grease.

Depending on the level of mess you might only need to leave it soaking for a few hours but the messier the filter is the longer it will need to soak, a really messy filter will usually require at least 24 hours to fully clean. After the soak gently dry the filter with a dish towel and then slot it back into the cooker. Don’t worry if the filter gets discoloured that will usually happen and it’s nothing to panic about.

The Cooker Hood Surface

Now let’s look at the hood itself, shall we? To cut through big build-ups of grease and mess you’ll need more than just warm water. You should get a specially formulated cleaning product, thankfully there is a wide assortment of these available just look out for some kitchen cleaner because it will be sure to cut through the grease and mess.

Apply some spray and then gently wash the cooker hood with a wet cloth or sponge, make sure you’re wearing washing up gloves to protect your hands. Try to avoid using abrasive materials when washing your cooker hood because it can do a lot of damage to the ceramics and glass. One good trick to remember is to use an old toothbrush to get into the small crevices that regular sponges and towels won’t be able to reach.

Guidance For Keeping Your Cooker Clean!

So, now you know how to keep your cooker clean and sparkling. But don’t get used to it staying that way for long because even cooking a quick and easy simple meal can create a lot of mess. Every model of cooker is different as well and some will just need cleaning more than others so make sure that cleaning your cooker is part of your annual chore list.

This way you can ensure it stay grease-free and clean for longer. And remember to always follow proper health and safety procedures which means always wearing protective gloves. And ensuring any cleaning material you use, in particular spray cleaners are safe to use on your cookers surface.

On average your filter will need to be cleaned or replaced once a month, while the cooker hood should be wiped clean whenever you notice a build-up of grease or dirt. Frying food is the most common cause of a greasy and messy cooker so you can easily cut down on the mess by avoiding the frying pan for a while. As an extra perk, this will also likely lead to a healthier diet as well!

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