Freezer Leaking? Here are the Most Common Reasons

There are not many things more alarming than coming home to see a puddle of water building up underneath your freezer – but before calling Just Fixed to take a look at it, the issue might be something simple enough for you to fix on your own.

If you notice that your freezer is leaking water there are a number of reasons why it might be happening with the following being the most common.

Leaking freezer

The Ice-Maker is a Common Suspect

If you are experiencing water leaks from your freezer and are not sure where they might be coming from, you should definitely check the ice-maker before anything else. Ice-makers are the number one cause of water leaking from freezers so just take a quick look behind your fridge to inspect it and the valve connected to it.

Check for Gaps in the Seals

Gaps in the seals on your freezer door could also be the cause. If gaps have emerged between the seals and the doors, the cold air from within the freezer can escape. As the ice melts within your freezer, the water can drip on the floor. This can also cause the food inside the freezer to grow mould, so be sure to get these seals fixed as quickly as possible.

Maybe the Freezer Drain is Malfunctioning

A more serious issue would be if the freezer drain is not working as it should be. The freezer drain should only operate when your freezer is in a defrost cycle and at no other time. If you notice that it is draining when it shouldn’t be, this is a sign that the freezer drain is malfunctioning and should be replaced.

Could Simply be the Drip Pan

Another common cause for water leaking from your freezer is that of a full drip pan. Whenever your freezer defrosts, that defrosted water will be sent to the drip pan which will obviously fill up over time. In order to prevent water from leaking regularly, simply empty and clean this drip pan after every defrost cycle that your freezer goes through.

Check the Drain Hose

If the drain hose has come a little loose from its coupler, this will obviously be a reason as to why you have a puddle of water underneath your freezer. This hose is meant to drain the water created from a defrost cycle into the drip-pan. You should also check to if there are any holes in this hose.

The Drain Line Could be a Cause

If the drain line is clogged with dirt or grime, this will be a reason for your leaking freezer. If you are able to, you should try and clean this yourself, but sometimes they are hard to find or get to. If you cannot get to it – or even find it – it may be best to just call in a professional.

If you have checked all of the above and you are still none the wiser as to why your freezer is leaking, you will need to get a Just Fixed professional technician to come in and check it out.