How To Use Your Fridge Freezer For The First Time

So, you’ve purchased a new fridge freezer and can’t wait to get it turned on, right? Before doing so, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your fridge freezer lasts as long as you need it to. Though these things are small, they can significantly increase the lifespan of your fridge freezer.

Before Using Your Fridge Freezer…

1. Let It Stand

Once your fridge freezer has arrived, you will need to let it stand for a while. All fridge freezers use fluids to stay cool and these fluids can become shaken up during transportation. Before plugging your fridge freezer in, give everything time to settle. If it was transported upright you won’t have to wait long, as letting it stand for an hour is sufficient. If it was transported whilst turned on its side, it’s best to wait for at least four hours.

2. Give It a Quick Clean

As you are going to be storing food in your fridge freezer, you’ll need to give it a quick clean before using it. This doesn’t require anything too strenuous as the fridge freezer itself will be brand new, but giving everything the once over with warm water and washing up liquid is recommended. Before putting the drawers back in, make sure that everything is completely dry.

3. Properly Position It

Though you are sure to have a space for your fridge freezer ready, you will need to position it properly within this space. There needs to be enough room around the fridge freezer for air to flow freely; around 5mm on every side is ideal. Also, make sure you don’t push the fridge freezer back against the wall completely. There should be space behind it.

4. Turn It On

The last thing you need to do before using your fridge freezer is plug it in and turn it on. It will take a few hours to cool down to the correct temperature, so this should be done a little while before you want to start using it.

Following the above steps and taking the time to set up your new fridge freezer properly will give it the best chance of working well for years to come.

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