The beginners guide to buying a washing machine

One of the most useful appliances that you will have in your home has to be your washing machine. It makes sure that your clothes are clean and ready to wear. This also means that it is one of the appliances that is most frequently used.

Want to make sure that you have the very best washing machine for your needs? Not sure where to start? To help make sure that you understand the basics of buying a washing machine, we have put together our washing machine guide, all to help you to find the perfect one for you.

What type of washing machine do you need?

choosing washing machine in home appliance store

There are several types of washing machines that you can choose from for your home. One of the most common is the freestanding washing machine. These can be placed anywhere in your home as long as they are connected to a drain and a power source. They do not blend in as easily as an integrated washing machine, but there is plenty of choice on what you go for.

If you have a built in kitchen with hidden appliances, then you might want to consider an integrated washing machines. These are designed to sit behind a cupboard door, which means when the door is closed, you won’t see the washing machine. They are not intended to be used outside of this unit, as they can become unstable, they are also quieter than a freestanding model.

A combination of the two is a semi-integrated machine, they are integrated into the kitchen units but they do not have a furniture panel covering the controls over the top. This means that you don’t have to open a door to read the controls or change the settings.

What washing machine drum size do you need?

drum size capacity

The capacity of a washing machine is also known as drum size. Washing machines can vary from 5kg to 12kg in size, and this relates to the kilos of dry clothes that can fit into the drum. A 5kg machine is large enough to wash 16 men’s shirts, whilst the 12kg version could hold 38 shirts.

If you thinking about which capacity to opt for then you should consider buying a machine that you won’t struggle to fill, as running a half empty washing machine is a waste of money and energy.

  • For single-person or couple households, look for a compact washer 5 to 6 kg.
  • For a larger family of 4 people you may need an 8 to 9 kg drum.
  • Drums with a 10 to 12kg capacity are best for very large households.

Spin Speed

higher spin speed

The spin speed of a washing machine can vary from 1,000rpm to 1,800 rpm. The faster a washing machine spins then the more water will be taken out of the clothes, reducing drying time. Whilst many people will want to opt for a machine that has a higher spin speed, it is important to remember that they will not only use more energy, but the higher the rpm, then the more chance that it will be noisy too.

Wash Programmes

pre-set programmes

There are a number of different types of clothes that you will need to wash, which means that having a washing machine which has a number of different programmes is a great idea. Many modern washing machines come with a number of pre-set programmes that are suited to a variety of different clothes. Silk, wool, cotton and boil wash. You should look for a washing machine that has them all.

Noise Level

Washing machines can be noisy, especially if they are washing a large load or have a fast spin cycle. For some people this won’t be a problem, but for others this could be a major annoyance. If you want to minimise the noise risk, opt for an integrated washing machine and stay away from the really fast spin speeds!

Energy Rating

Energy Rating

Many of us are concerned about the amount of energy that we use. Not only do we want to look after the environment, but we want to also make sure that our costs are cut down too. Washing machines are rated A+++ to A and the higher the rating, the lower the energy usage will be when you are running it, and therefore the less it will cost you in the long run.

Special Features

Gone are the days when washing machines were simple appliances with a few features. Now it seems that we have all singing, all dancing machines that can help not only get your clothes clean, but make the entire process easy too!

Buying a washing machine needn’t be tricky. Just make sure that you consider all the different options and think which one is the best for you and for your needs.

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