Washing Machine Programmes Guide

While many of you will already be experts on using washing machines, there are still others that are yet to use them. If you have just bought your first washing machine and are confused as to which washing programme to use for what, this is the guide for you.

Many of these settings you may never use but you might find some that might just come in handy when you are washing something particular.

Washing Machine Programmes Guide


This is the most basic of settings but will be the one used for much of your washing. Coloured cotton and linen can be washed up to 60°C while any whites that you have can be washed up to 90°C.

Coloureds Eco

This is an eco-friendly setting that allows you to wash cotton and colours with energy saving in mind. It takes longer per cycle but you will use less energy and water.


If you want to wash more delicate fabrics such as fine cotton or synthetic fibres, this is the setting to choose. Do remember to try and wash clothes of the same colour with this one though.

Mixed Fabrics

This is an ideal setting if you have a real mix of fabrics to clean and do not want to have to sort them and run two separate cycles.


This low-speed washing cycle is designed for delicate fabrics that need to be washed more carefully. For additional care, add in a bit of washing detergent.


As you might expect, this is for any woollen clothes that you want to have cleaned. This fabric can become matted when washed, so this setting helps to avoid that.


If you want to give your clothes a final rinse, add in some fabric softener, or if you just want to run an empty cycle to clean your washing machine, the rinsing setting is the one to use.


If you need to drain the water from the drum, the drain setting is what you will need to set your washing machine at.


This setting has been designed to wash blouses and shirts in such a way that they require less ironing. Wet clothes that hang-dry will self-iron themselves, so this setting leaves the clothes with enough dampness to be able to be hung-up so that the dripping can reduce creases.


Anyone that suffers from allergies will find the sensitive setting appealing. It is a more efficient wash that removes germs, house dust and any other allergy-triggers from the fabrics.


If you have any waterproof clothes, this is the wash setting designed to clean them efficiently without damaging them.

Power Wash

If you are short of time, the power wash setting might be the one to use. This will use more energy and water but will get the wash done a lot quicker than the normal settings. This wash cycle is particularly effective when used for hard-wearing fabrics.