What to wash on certain temperature cycles

a simple guide on what to wash at which temperature settings

Knowing what to wash on which temperature setting can be a bit of a minefield. On the one hand, a cooler wash can help save on energy bills but fail to get those white looking clean and crisp, whereas higher temperatures can get your items squeaky clean by cause damage to any delicate garments.

Therefore, in order to get the most out of your washing machine and safeguard those delicate fabrics, we’ve compiled a simple guide on what to wash at which temperature settings.

Just make sure you check those care labels before you get started.

When to use a cool wash setting

If you’ve got lightly soiled items that could use a refresh or delicate fabrics such as Lycra that tends to shrink and bobble in high washes, then the cool wash setting on your machine will help you get the job done without destroying your items and helping to protect the environment at the same time.

Cold water cycles now come as low as 20 degrees and are ideal for coloured items that are prone to bleeding when washed, so it’s a safe starting point if you have any vibrant colours or items that look delicate but don’t have a care label.

Medium temperature cycles

Dark items, such as black jeans and man-made fabrics, require a cycle that gets the items clean without draining all of the colour away or causes shrinking – making a medium temperature setting the way to go.

Aim for a setting between 40 to 60 degrees for such items or anything that needs a warmer temperature due to stains or moderate soiling as this will help lift ground in stains and give a deep clean without boiling the load.

Boil washes and high temperatures

When something is completely caked in stains or for hardwearing whites, only a high water temperature will be able to give you the results you need.

Not to be used for delicate fabrics or colours that are likely to bleed, this setting is perfect for anyone with babies or small children that want to keep their white bright and stain free. Any powder or detergent will work well in high-temperature washes which also sanitise the item and removes germs, but just be aware that should the off item sneak in with your wash that isn’t suitable for high-temperature washes you might encounter problems as soon as the cycle comes to an end.

It also costs more to run a high-temperature wash, so make sure you have a full load before popping in your powder or detergent.