Tips on Extending the Life of Your Oven

Extending the Life of Your Oven

If you are thinking of purchasing a brand-new oven or simply want to ensure that your current one can enjoy a long life, you are going to want to read our tips on how you can ensure that your oven works optimally for as long as possible.

When Deciding on the Oven to Purchase

Before you can even get started on preserving the life of your oven, you will first have to decide on the type to buy. Whether you opt for a gas or electric oven, you will have the option of a ‘manual-clean’, ‘self-cleaning’ or ‘continuous-clean’ oven with the following being the pros and cons of each.

Manual-Clean Ovens

  • These are the best option if you are looking for value for money at the sacrifice of a bit of hard work.
  • As there are fewer parts in this type of oven, there are fewer things that can go wrong with it.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

  • While these are the most expensive of the three types of ovens, these will clean themselves which saves you time in the long run.
  • These ovens also use the most power as they operate at a high heat to ensure that all food residue is incinerated. This means that you do not have to clean it though.
  • Repair costs are expensive due to the additional parts that they have.

Continuous-Clean Ovens

  • In terms of overall durability, continuous-clean ovens are at the bottom of the pile.
  • They are constructed of a rough surface on the inside that is resistant to stains and they are also able to burn off food residue much like self-cleaning ovens.
  • They are not as efficient though, which means that not all food will be able to be burned off. This can lead to that residue eventually creating a hard glaze on the surface which can nullify the cleaning effect.
  • Oven-cleaning sprays are not suitable for these ovens either as they can also harm that cleaning feature.

Be Careful with the Door

  • No matter which oven you buy, always close the oven door slowly.
  • Slamming the door could damage the thermostat or the hinges on the door.
  • Never put your weight or the weight of anything heavy on the door while it is open – this is a surefire way to break that hinge.

Never Use Foil on the Racks

  • While it might be tempting to ensure a cleaner oven by using foil on the racks, this is not a good move.
  • Food will not be as efficiently cooked as it needs the air to flow freely within.
  • The foil is also reflective which could confuse the thermostat.

Do Not Scrape with Metal

  • The heating element inside your oven is arguably the most important part. When it gets dirty with food, never use something metal to scrape it off as it could damage it.
  • Instead, use a plastic utensil instead as this will not cause damage to the heating element.