Electric Oven Buying Guide

Electric Oven Buying Guide

If you have a kitchen that already has built in appliances, or are planning to design one like that, then you are likely to need to consider an electric oven, rather than a freestanding cooker with an oven included.

Electric ovens are ovens alone, without the hob, and are designed for modern kitchens. If you are thinking about buying an electric oven for you kitchen then there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. To help you, we have put together our guide to electric ovens.

Types of oven

When it comes to electric ovens, you have 4 ovens types to choose from. Single ovens, double ovens, double built-in ovens and compact ovens. All of these ovens are 60cm wide, however, you will find that they vary in height.

Usually single ovens are cheaper than double ovens sometimes as much as half price. Single ovens, as the name suggests, have a single oven which provides enough space to cook a meal. They are easy to fit into your kitchen, and can either be under a cabinet or placed in an eye level cabinet instead. They are the most common type of oven and there are plenty to choose from if you are looking to buy.

A double oven gives you double the space. Not only this, but the grill will often be separate to the main oven, meaning that you can grill and oven cook at the same time. These types of ovens can be as much as 90cm tall, and they will usually need to be placed at eye level. However, you can buy a double built under oven which is around 72cm tall, perfect for fitting underneath a cabinet.

If you are short on space then you may want to opt for a compact oven, at just 45cm tall, these are roughly around the same size as a microwave and are perfect for those who don’t need to cook huge meals.

Electric oven features


Much like freestanding ovens, there are a number of features that seem to come along with your oven of choice. You should consider which features will actually prove useful for you, and which will be an expense that you simply don’t need.

The main feature that you are going to use has to be a timer, this will help to make sure that you cook your food properly, and will stop the horror of a burnt dinner. In modern kitchens, many people also like the idea of a self-cleaning oven, which comes with a lining inside to attract any dirt and burn it off during cooking. Ideal if you are not a huge fan of cleaning your oven.

Cooking food is a key part of everyday life, so it makes sense that you are going to want an appliance that can do the job properly. We hope that this guide will help you to make the right choice when it comes to your electric oven, and make sure that you have the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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