Why My Washing Machine Is Not Spinning

The spin function of a washing machine is vital. If a washing machine doesn’t spin, then it cannot effectively clean clothes or drain water away. So, if your washing machine is not spinning, what can you do? Before calling out a qualified appliance repair team such as Just Fixed, read this guide to see if you can solve the problem yourself.

Washing Machine Is Not Spinning

Firstly, make sure your washing machine manual is to hand to help you troubleshoot the problem that may be specific to your machine. Secondly, unplug the appliance at the mains before attempting to solve any washing machine issues.

1. Heavy load?

If you have just completed a load full of heavy items such as towels and bath mats, then this weight can create an imbalance which then affects the sensors of the appliance and therefore stop the drum from spinning. It is essential to follow the maximum weight that your manufacturer recommends and never to overload the machine.

2. Blocked pipes?

Another reason the washing machine drum may not be spinning could be because the water is unable to drain away. Blocked pipes can be common, and if the water is unable to drain away, then the spin cycle will not start. Another sign that the appliance has blocked pipes is if there is an unpleasant smell.

3. Broken pressure switch?

If the water is draining away without a problem, then the next thing to check is the pressure switch. The pressure switch works by indicating to the machine that water has successfully drained away from the machine. The best way to verify that the pressure switch is functioning is by blowing into the tub and waiting to hear a click sound. If you cannot hear a click, then there may be an issue with the switch.

If your machine still isn’t spinning after checking these three aspects, call the team at Just Fixed to receive specialist advice and a fast diagnosis.

As well as the spin of the washing machine, there are other issues that may go wrong with your machine. Here are a few other diagnostic checks that you can do before calling out Just Fixed.

My Washing Machine Doesn’t Switch On

Your washing machine definitely cannot spin if it doesn’t switch on. If your washing machine does not turn on, then check for these three key signs.

1. Plugged in?

It may seem obvious, but it is important to check that the appliance is plugged in. With the movement of the washing machine, sometimes the plug can come away from the socket, so just check that it is pressed into place. If it still doesn’t switch on, then try the washing machine plug in a different socket if possible. You can also check the socket is working by plugging in a different appliance.

2. Door shut?

Another reason the machine may not switch on is if the door isn’t completely shut. Make sure the seal is in place, and there is nothing trapped in the door. If the socket is working and the door is entirely shut, then there may be an electrical problem with the appliance.

3. What does the fuse look like?

If you can see the fuse on the washing machine, then check to see if the fuse has turned black. If so, it is a simple fuse replacement. If you cannot access the fuse or it looks fine, then call the team at Just Fixed who can come and diagnose the issue for you.

But, what if the washing machine switches on and spins but is making unusual noises? Check these next two issues if your appliance is making unusually loud noises.

My Washing Machine Is Very Loud

1. Are the feet in place?

Washing machines need to be on a flat surface; if they are not, they will rock during a spin cycle which can result in a loud noise. Check that the feet of the washing machine are in place and that the floor is level. If not, wedge the offending foot up so that the appliance is level. Sometimes during a spin cycle, a washing machine may begin to ‘walk’ out of place, make sure the washing machine is in its usual position too.

2. Something in the drum?

Another reasons for unusual noises is when something falls out of a pocket and ends up rattling in the drum. Check the drum thoroughly for any loose items that could be causing the noise. Usually, the cause of the sound is from coins.

Still got a problem with your washing machine?

If your washing machine isn’t working as it should or you’re struggling to identify the problem, then call the helpful team at Just Fixed who offer appliance repair in and around London. For expert advice, call the professionals on 0203 475 4078.