LG Dishwashers – Your Guide to Error Codes

LG dishwasher

Aren’t error codes just the worst? When you’re trying to get things done and enjoy a smooth running experience, it can be a major pain for people when their machine lights up with an error code. To help you understand your LG error codes, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most common ones here and now.

1E – The First LG Error Code

A 1E code is the first one to take notice of because it means a couple of different things. It can say, for example, that there is an inlet error and the system hasn’t managed to generate enough water in 10 minutes.

Alternatively, it can point to low water pressure or a blocked inlet valve. Make sure you consult a professional if you’re unsure on what to do next.

OE Error Code

The OE error code denotes a problem with the drain and can be a warning for a blockage.

E1 Error Code

The E1 error message is a more serious one because it says that you’ve got a leak, and that needs fixing promptly.

FE Error Code

The FE code is there to tell you that there’s an overfill error, and so you should check all of the relays and systems to find a problem. Alternatively, you might get a TE error, which is a thermal error. It means that the LG thermistor is out of calibration and needs checking.

HE Error Code

Finally, a HE error is a LG heating error, as you might have gathered from the name. It can mean all kinds of problems, from the wiring being damaged to a faulty part.

If you encounter a problem and don’t understand what needs to be done to fix it, then we’re on hand and available to help. Just Fixed is here for you, after all, so come to us!