Hotpoint Washing Machines – Your Guide to Error Codes

Hotpoint Washing Machine

When you’ve got a Hotpoint washing machine, you now that you’re going to be able to get the most from your device from start to finish. They’re designed to be the most efficient systems around for washing clothes, but like all technology, they do tend to go wrong sometimes. To make sure that you know what the problem is, Hotpoint released a series of error codes which you can use to identify issues, and we’re going to explore all of them here and now.


The first code is F01. This message will tell you that there’s a fault in the Hotpoint electronic circuit board. To remedy this, you should unplug the machine and leave it for two minutes. If the situation persists, then you should contact us!


Motor circuit faults are the name of the game with F02, and you’ll come up against these at some point. It’s not a problem you can fix yourself, so you’ll need to come and ask us for help.


F03 is a temperature sensing fault, and it means that the washing machine isn’t heating up in the way it should. Again, this is a professionally-fixed problem only.


F05 is an error code which shows up when you’re dealing with a waste pipe blockage. Now you can do something in this instance, and this involves checking for obstructions yourself and removing them.


F06 is a fault with the door lock, and this will prevent you from using your machine at all in some situations. Check for blockages inside the door and remove anything that might interrupt the locking process.


The error code F07 is the machine telling you that there’s a fault with the electronic circuit board, or that there’s a problem with the heating circuit. This error message is unique in that it shares part of its meaning with F01, so always make sure you suggest both faults to a professional.


F08 is an error with the heater. If this happens, you may find that the machine can’t get those hot temperatures going during a wash. You’ll need to bring it to us to fix though because it’s a tricky issue.


If you see error code F09, it means that you’re dealing with a software fault. This issue isn’t one to mess around with, and you should bring it to us as soon as possible.


The next Hotpoint error code which we’re going to look at is F11. It’s what you’ll see when there’s a fault with the pump circuit. This problem isn’t one you can fix, which makes a professional the best option.


F12 is a fault with the electronic control system, and it manifests as the washing machine not turning on properly. You will need to come and see us because this isn’t something you can fix for yourself.


One of the final few fault codes you’ll see is F13, which occurs when there’s an error with the dryer temperature, specifically an issue with the sensor. It only applies to those washer-dryer combinations, but it can be a pain regardless.


An F15 fault code tells us that the heater controls have a fault, and this can be prominent in both washing machines and also washer-dryers. You need to make sure you are watching out for this fault and not ignoring it.


The penultimate fault code we’re going to look at here is F16. This code develops when there is a problem with the drum lock position sensor, and it prevents the drum from stopping in the right position. You’ll need to make sure that you come to us when this happens because it can be too much to deal with alone.


F18 is the final fault code on the list. It refers to an error with the internal data of your machine. It means that sensors and displays may not work, which means you can get all vital information. When this happens, we suggest consulting with us to get the issue resolved quickly.

Overall, these are the different error codes which you may find yourself having to deal with when you’ve got a Hotpoint washing machine. Not all of them are scary and signal the end of your device, but it’s important to know what you can fix yourself and what you can’t. Of course, if you feel that any repair job isn’t going to be something you can do, you’re welcome to come to us. Here at Just Fixed, we’ve got a lot of experience in working with problems found in all types of machines, and so we’re well qualified to lend a hand. However, if you can tell us what error code you’re dealing with, you’re making our job that bit easier, so please feel free to consult this guide!