Hoover appliance repair

Hoover washing machine error codes

If your Hoover washing machine display is showing an error code find out what it means with our helpful fault code guide. These codes are designed to help you identify the source of the problem and if possible direct you to a solution.

Fault code guide

Troubleshoot your issue with our list of all Hoover error codes explained individually:


Issue with the door lock, please inspect the door lock for damage. Front loading models of washing machines have a safety mechanism – door lock. When the washing cycle begins, the door locks so that it cannot be opened mid-cycle.


Issue with the fill or insufficient water supply. Possible blocked fill hose or inlet valve. Please check that your water supply is turned on. Inlet valve is a component of the washing machine that tells it to start or stop filling with water, sometimes this valve can malfunction.


Warning that the machine is not draining, usually due drain pump blockage or fault. Please note, you can connect a washing machine to a sink drain but in these situations food deposits can clog the washing machine connection and prevent it from emptying out. The machine will not drain if the filter is blocked.


Water in the base, possible leak or problem with anti-flood protection. Even if water is not visible there may be water in the base of the machine.


NTC (water temperature sensor) fault. Usually lose connection.


Machine out of balance or control board issue.


Door lock fault or motor unable to spin.


Problem with the motor speed sensor (hall sensor). This kind of issue is not easy to diagnose and fix.


Control board issue – problem with the motor TRIAC (triode for alternating current) on the circuit board. The motor TRIAC is a small component mounted on the controller and is used to switch your motor on and off.


Drum sensor issue.


Open circuit on the dryer heater. Possible damage on wiring from the sensor to the circuit borad.


PCB communication error. The appliance has developed an internal technical fault.


PCB problem (same as E14)


PCB fault.


Issue with the circuit board – corrupted chip or the circuit board needs reprogramming.


Heater insulation problem.


Motor tachometer problem.


PCB fault.

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