Bosch Washing Machines – Your Guide to Error Codes

Bosch washing machine

Your Bosch washing machine is a powerful tool and has been designed to make the most out of modern technology. For your benefit, the device will notify you if there is something wrong with the machine or if there’s information you need to know. It does this by providing you with error codes, symbols and sometimes even lights. We’re going to be taking a look at all of these messages and what they mean, to help you stay up to date.

The Symbols

First of all, we’ll take a look at the symbols which you can find when it comes to your Bosch washing machine. The first one you’ll need to know about is the key symbol. This picture indicates that the child lock is active on the washer, and you’ll need to disable it before you can use it again.

Alternatively, you might see a symbol of a tap. You will come to know that this connects to the water and announces the presence of a kink or knot in the supply hose. It also suggests that the water pressure is too low.

Error Codes

There are a handful of Bosch error codes which you will need to learn to understand your machine fully.

Error code E16

Error code E16 means that the door is not locked correctly, and so you need to make sure you are removing any obstructions, such as clothing which has been trapped or caught.

Error code E18

E18 tells you that there is a blockage in the filter, or it could mean that the cold water hose has a kink or obstruction.

Error code E23

Error code E23 implies that you’ve got a leak. You need to check for weaknesses in the structure, to make sure that nothing is going wrong.

Fault code E32

The fault code E32 isn’t a code, but instead, it’s an indicator that the load you’ve got in the washing machine itself isn’t balanced. To resolve this, you need to redistribute the pressure to make it stable.

Error code E33

The final Bosch error code that you need to pay attention to is E33. This code is designed to indicate that excess foam sits inside the machine. You can remedy this by making sure that you are cutting back on the amount of detergent you are using. Too much soap not only ruins your clothing, but it also upsets the machine and makes it less effective, so always avoid this problem.

Overall, the Bosch error codes which you may encounter on your washing machine do not indicate a serious issue, and many of them need a few adjustments on your part. However, if you face a problem you don’t understand and can not resolve, you need to contact us! Here at Just Fixed, we’re always looking for ways we can help you, but we need to make sure that we know what’s going on first! Knowledge is vital for giving you the best possible service, so please feel free to speak to us with any queries you might have.