Bosch dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher Repairs

We repair and service all Bosch dishwasher models at affordable rates. Our filed engineers are fully trained and up-to-date on the latest Bosch dishwasher models so they can find the issue and solve it on the very first visit.

Bosch dishwashers are very popular for their long lifespan, quality and excellent cleaning power. However, even high quality appliances can still break down due to age, wear and tear.

We can arrange for an engineer to repair your Bosch dishwasher and get it working again.

Dishwashers have become commonplace in our kitchens and many households now rely on their ability to save time and effort. So if your Bosch dishwasher breaks down this can be a problem. Here at Just Fixed we aim to make sure your machine can be repaired as quickly as possible, usually on the next day of your call.

While some companies now offer a free collection and return service, we take it one step further and send our engineers to you. Onsite dishwasher repair service means just that – our field engineer will come to your site and do the repair.

What’s more, whenever we carry out repairs, we only use spare parts that are approved by Bosch. Our dishwasher repair includes labour and spare parts which are guaranteed for 12 months.

Is your dishwasher not draining or not starting?

We’re here to help. Contact our helpline and speak to one of our engineers for quote or advice. Here at Just Fixed we do hundreds of repairs to Bosch dishwashers every week. Our engineers are experienced in both freestanding and integrated appliance repairs.

With our next day service you can take advantage of fast and efficient appliance repair. Booking a repair with us is much cheaper and faster than buying a new appliance.

Most common Bosch dishwasher problems

  • Leaks – problem with the door hinge and/or seals
  • Not filling with water – broken water valve
  • Not draining – clogged drain pump or broken drain pump
  • Not taking the detergent – clogged spray arms
  • Smells bad – presence of rotting food somewhere inside the unit
  • Not cleaning properly – clogged spray arms
  • Not heating water – faulty heating element
  • Not starting – there could be several reasons that can cause this problem. Look for error codes – these codes help our engineers narrow down the possible causes of the fault you are having.
  • Faults with the PCB (printed circuit board) module – damage to the wiring or faulty PCB

Genuine spare parts

At Just Fixed we stock genuine Bosch spares, parts and accessories, so we have everything you need to complete your appliance repair. Whether you require easy fit replacement spray arms, drain pump, door interlock or water inlet valve, you’ll find them here.

Pictures to help you find the spare part you need:

  • Bosch dishwasher door interlock
    Bosch dishwasher door interlock
  • Bosch dishwasher drain pump
    Bosch dishwasher drain pump
  • Bosch water inlet valve
    Bosch water inlet valve
  • Bosch dishwasher spray arms
    Bosch dishwasher spray arms

Why do customers like Bosch dishwashers?

Bosch’s first dishwasher was released in 1964 and presented at a trade fair in Cologne and quickly became a market leader. In 2020, an estimated 4.4 million households used Bosch dishwashers in Great Britain.

Bosch dishwashers come in a variety of styles and types:

  • Freestanding dishwashers – which are easier to install and replace and generally more affordable
  • Integrated built-in dishwashers – which are quieter and with a sleek style and seamless look
  • Small compact dishwashers – the space saving solution for small kitchens

Bosch dishwashers are well worth the money as they have many appealing features. Some key features and functions include:

  • Bosch AquaStop – a leak protection system that will shut down the machine if leak is detected
  • Bosch ActiveWater – a rinsing technology for reducing water and energy use
  • Bosch PerfectDry – advanced technology that saves energy by using less electricity to dry the dishes
  • Bosch SpeedPerfect – a feature for reducing the wash and dry time by up to 50%